Monarte has been a depiction of watchmaking and art since 2018.

Monarte is made out of two latin words mono – only, single; and artus – art. We combined those two words into meaning “Pure art”.

As our slogan says; “Complexity crafted elegantly simple”, we make complex things, intricate details and exceptional craftsmanship, but yet we present it as simple as it gets – well at least until you take a 20x magnifier up to the dial.

Each and every part of our watch has a unique story and a reason why it’s made the way it is.

Our desire is to combine art with horology (which is basically the same thing) and to combine those things with the exceptional work that our Swiss watchmakers do – in a traditional way.

Dials are always made with unique patterns that are hand-operated.

Each dial also contains a hidden meaning and a hidden writing.
The one on the right (Monarte Squid Green) has a hand-operated guilloche dial with a water drop wave-pattern. Around the dial there’s a hidden writing in latin; “Tempus arsque coniuctae”, meaning “Time and art combined”.

Turning the watch around, you can either enjoy our exhibition caseback with custom precious metal rotors (only on limited editions watches), or you can enjoy our astounding art, hand-drawn casebacks.

Each closed caseback has a different wild creature in a noble environment – exhibiting how Monarte watches are elegantly made, yet can be used in the most rugged terrain.

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